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Vision Prize® is a polling platform for capturing meta-knowledge — knowledge about what people know.

Three-year data collection for the Poll of Climate Scientists ended December 2014, and was run in collaboration with IOP Publishing’s scientific community website, environmentalresearchweb. Vision Prize also is affiliated with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. Additional data analysis and visualization is currently underway with research partners and collaborators. Vision Prize is strictly nonpartisan — we are not an advocacy organization. See also: Learn More

Our Advisory Group consists of distinguished scientists, climate policy leaders, behavioral and survey researchers, engineers, science communicators and energy technology specialists. Capabilities of our project team include behavioral research, game theory, technology research, and information visualization. The latter includes major projects for the Visual Communication Lab of IBM Research, The New York Times and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

Foley Loewenstein  
Morgan Rivers Wright
Weber de Bruin  
Peter Jesse Mark


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