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The IPCC reports global mean sea level rise at a rate of 3.2 mm per year from 1993 to 2012. When will global sea level rise by 5 mm or more in a single year?

What proportion of gross carbon emissions to the atmosphere between now and 2020 will come from coal-fired power plants?

If you were the scientific advisor to a $200-billion venture capital fund with a 20-year time horizon and a goal of limiting global warming to no more than 2 °C above preindustrial levels, which would you recommend as the top priority for investment?

Build low-emission products (to obsolete high-emission ones)
Change human diet (e.g. meat consumption)
Rainforest preservation / Afforestation (including marine forests)
Reduce fertilizer use
Reduce methane emissions (e.g. from fossil fuel extraction)
Reduce soot (e.g. from diesel engines)
Retire coal-fired power plants (and/or sequester emissions)
None of the above is needed

How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements posted in an open letter by Dr. Ken Caldeira, Dr. Kerry Emanuel, Dr. James Hansen and Dr. Tom Wigley on November 3, 2013?

“Renewables like wind and solar and biomass will certainly play roles in a future energy economy, but those energy sources cannot scale up fast enough to deliver cheap and reliable power at the scale the global economy requires.”

“While it may be theoretically possible to stabilize the climate without nuclear power, in the real world there is no credible path to climate stabilization that does not include a substantial role for nuclear power.”

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